Product Description

Do you want to play a game? Wear a SAW Jigsaw Billy Mask for Adults and everyone will dread listening to their messages. This creepy officially licensed mask is a faithful replica of Billy's head, its frizzy black hair contrasting sharply with the white face. Red bullseyes cover the protruding cheeks to match the red lips and irises. There's a cut in the mouth to make it look like a puppet head. Put it on with a black tuxedo and ride into the Halloween party on your trusty tricycle! Billy the Puppet is the avatar John Kramer uses in his mission to make people appreciate their lives. Wear your SAW Jigsaw Billy Mask for Adults and you'll be the life of the party! Don't forget white gloves and red shoes, both available here.

Additional Information

Product Number: RLLG103
Material: 100% Latex

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