Product Description

The scary eyes that watch from shrubs you've seen in cartoons are now available in real life in the form of 13.5 Haunted Hedge Eyes. This order comes with a small prop that you may hide in a bush or any other place you feel it would be effective. The item is motion activated, so the prop will begin to shake, flicker, and growl when someone walks by. The batteries needed to power this item are also included with the order. All the spooky camping stories people remember will come flooding back to them when they come across these spooky eyes watching them from the bushes.

Additional Information

Product Number: 91762FW
Care Instructions: Wipe With Clean Damp Cloth
Material: 50% Plastic, 50% Electronics
Warning: Batteries Should Only Be Replaced By An Adult.battery Caution:1. Do Not Mix Old And New Batteries. 2. Do Not Mix Alkaline, Standard (carbon-zinc) Or Rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) Batteries. 3. Do Not Put Batteries In Backwards. Positive (+) And Negative (-) Ends Must Face Proper Direction. 4. Do Not Leave Batteries In Product For Long Periods Of Non-use. 5. Do Not Dispose Of Batteries In Fire.

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