Halloween Decorations & Props

Find The Best Decorations For Halloween And Every Occasion!

When it comes to ghoulish Halloween props and decorations, our variety can't be beat. You can get life-sized creatures and hanging ghouls with lights and animation that you can strategically place throughout your yard and home. Many of these are motion activated to give guests, and trick-or-treaters a real fright. Boo! Other creepy decor includes gravestones, spider webs, scene setting wall murals.

Shop Our Indoor Halloween Decorations For Your Party

Invite all to explore a haunted house of your own design by using items from our collection of Inside Halloween Decorations. We offer a huge variety of products to give your home an extra boost of horror and creepiness. There are entire statues that stand out, accents like tablecloths, and even bowls to store candy. Everything here is great for Halloween parties to be celebrated at home, school, work, and more. Use skeletons and spiders to freak people out. String up Halloween lights and other décor to offer extra features for the festivities. Whether making it kid-friendly or going all out with the fear factor, your designs will have everyone talking year round!

Check Out Our Outdoor Halloween Decorations On Sale Now!

Spook up all kinds of fun or scares with our Outdoor Halloween Decorations. Everything found on this site is perfect to fit any crazy haunting ideas you have for Halloween. Have guests walk through a graveyard scene complete with tombstones, body parts, and crows. You can literally put animatronic zombies and ghosts around the place for added effect. Look through our selection of fog machines and lights to put on a real show. There are some creepy options to choose if you are looking to frighten visitors. However, some family-friendly items are available if you are creating an enjoyable atmosphere for children. Inflatable props and goofy cutouts can go up in the yard. Search the website to find something fun for everyone! You will receive a terrific selection of Halloween accessories and props at great prices.

Creep Out The Neighborhood With These Scary Halloween Decorations

Raise all kinds of hell by selecting items from our set of Scary Halloween Decorations. Everything here is perfect to use either indoors our outside. Halloween parties, fright nights, and other themed events are great moments to have these props on display. Bring all your Halloween ideas to life! Spooky skeletons of both humans and different animals can be perfect for a zombie zoo setting. Animated decorations can fit in with both visual and sound effect needs to illicit fear from guests. There are plenty more creepy Halloween decorations and other animated props on the website to fill every inch of the location with something scary. Design your own scary scenes in order to add scary Halloween decorations to your order!

Set The Haunted Mood With These SFX & Lighting For Halloween

Crank up the effects of your Halloween events using our SFX & Lighting products. Enhance your frightening festivities with various equipment found right here on our site. You can get strobe lights to create haunting images. Color changing projections are perfect to fit whatever theme you’ve come up with. Some feature built-in shadows to have a constant spooky appearance. There are various props which emit haunting groans and terrifying screams as well. Strings of Halloween lights and fog machines can help set the mood. You will be able to come up with a fun Halloween party for children, a fitting environment for friends, or a haunting event for the community. Everything listed under our SFX & Lighting products definitely gives you the best Halloween setting!

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