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Finding a costume for your girls can be a tiring experience. Kids love their themed birthday parties and with Halloween only a few months away, it's best to beat the rush than to desperately look last minute! Our extensive selection of girl costumes boasts some returning favorites such as Elsa from Frozen, as well as some new, trendy choices. 

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Disney boasts a classic array of movies that have impacted generations of viewers. As the new dawn of Disney movies continues, there will be costumes that faithfully recreate popular characters! Your girls will know all the classic Princesses by heart and they're bound to have a favorite or two. Additionally, superheroes are all the rage nowadays. Who's to say a girl can't join the boys this Halloween with a superhero outfit of her own?

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Because you're such a smart shopper, you must know all about the value of getting items off clearance deals. These items are selling quick, but they're at a bargain price. We offer a selection of costumes and outfits for your girls to wear that emulate other popular outfits, but at the bargain price! It pays to be a smart shopper, and as long as the costumes are still fun and vibrant, there's no harm or foul. Still, there's often a sense of apprehension when it comes to items on clearance.

Halloween is a celebration of creativity! It only makes sense then to take the holiday as an occasion to bond with the rest of the family and coordinate costumes together.

If you're a parent that likes to be creative and thinks that adding a personal touch to a costume makes it more worthwhile, then we have the tools to back you up!

Popular Girl's Costumes

Girls Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips

Regardless of what your girls want, it's all here! Your girls look up to female characters from any medium as role models, so we're sure to cover all our bases with costumes from Super-Girl to Wonder Woman, and all the Disney Princesses in between. Along with some popular TV show characters, we boast a wide range of costumes that'll have your girls prepped and ready for some sweet candy and good times!

We offer a selection not only of heroines such as Wonder Woman, but also feminized versions of popular male characters as well. There are also more than a few horror-themed costumes to choose from if your daughter happens to love the macabre nature of Halloween. Don't wait or hesitate to view our many categories until you find the right choice for your gal!

Worried about prices? Never fear! All of these costumes offer interpretations of Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Jasmine and in pristine quality! Your girls will more than understand the characters that they'll be modeling! Why not do yourself the favor of checking out which costumes will be the best bet for your family (and your wallet)? Check out our best deals for outfits ranging from $10 to $30. I'd say that's fair!

Don't Fret When She Is Having Trouble Deciding

Making a decision when it comes to getting costumes for your kids can be a difficult process. Whether for a birthday or Halloween, it sure can be difficult to plan a surprise for your girls by getting the best and most fashionable outfit out there. Here's where we come in! We'll provide you with enough organized categories that can easily steer you into your child's natural interests. Sure, superheroes and comic book movies are the trending fad nowadays. You can never go wrong with a superhero costume as iconic as Wonder Woman or Cat Woman. Or, why not pick an outfit based on your kids' favorite TV show? Odds are we boast a costume selection of it! Choices are made easier here with a simple layout that will direct you towards what's trending with a popular costume category, and then the more specialized areas that should cover all your basic needs.

A Girl Can't Have Enough Stuff!

What makes a costume memorable? Sure, it might be the style of the outfit or whatever character/trope is being represented, but the devil's in the details! Accessories  can be your best friend when getting a memorable outfit for your daughters. The beauty of accessorizing is the creative control it gives to you. We offer a wide range of accessories that include the basics: brooms, pitchforks, nails, sequins, and so much more. A DIY costume can be just what the doctor ordered too—and accessorizing is where you get to have the most fun. It's a great way to save money and to also exert your inner Tim Gunn!

Help Her Be Creative

Part of the appeal of a DIY costume is that it ties into one of our most historic American cultural ideas of having the willpower to do something by yourself. Check out our blog where we list detailed steps on how to make the best accessories and costumes out there. We focus on particularly difficult DIY projects, but think of our advice as guidelines so that you don't get stuck and frustrated. And of course we also offer tutorials on makeup!

Be the Cutest Family This Halloween

If the whole family wants to dress up together, then we've got the best selections for you. Have your daughter make her costume choice and then add the adult version of it so that you can be like a bigger twin! If your daughter picks an outfit from a popular movie franchise, have the other family members dress up as the other characters. This is particularly easier to do with TV shows and movies—all it takes is a little more commitment to the part! A good theme is worth the laughs and pays just as well with candy and smiles. Make a family statement this Halloween.

Everything Is More Fun in a Group!

Halloween is all about expressing our inner monsters and spooking each other out, but at the heart of it rests creativity. Dressing up with a group makes the holiday that much more memorable, and it can be fun to dress the part of an entire movie's cast, for example. The Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises each boast a wide array of characters that family members can choose from. We feature these selections proudly here, so come and make your Halloween a good time.

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