Girls Halloween Costumes

Have you even known a little girl who didn't love to play dress up? Dress-up and girls are a match made in Heaven. One thing you can be sure of is that little girls costumes are a wise purchase. After Halloween, her favorites will go straight to the toy chest to be worn over and over for hours of make believe.

Popular Girl's Costumes

Girls Costumes Under $20

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The most popular girl's costumes are always Disney, princess, witch and fairytale outfits. But little ladies don't always want frilly dresses and tutus. You can also find goth, rocker, superhero and horror outfits for the little tomboy in your life. There are also many ideas for girls who are heading into their tween years and have changing tastes in fashion. Tweens are girls who are too mature for kiddy styles, but still don't fit into teen or women's costumes.

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