Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers are the best items to buy because nothing is cuter than a baby trick-or-treating in a stroller. Typically, infants dress like plush animals that look like lions and teddy bears, but more and more you will find baby versions of big kids costumes. For example, infant toddler vampire, devil, 50s and superhero outfits come in cutesy styles for tots that are very popular with parents. Sizes start at newborn bunting and go up to a 4T.

Popular Toddler Categories

Time to decide who your little toddler wants to be for Halloween. There are so many choices to choose from! So, perhaps your toddler would love the sense of justice and superpower/abilities to help others in need. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman round out some of the top superheroes for this year. Maybe storybook or tv/movie is their delight. This features Paw Patrol, Baby Fairy Princess, and Paige the Dragon to name a few. They could also be a cuddly bear and or a cute charming turtle. There are even small tiny terror costumes like Lil Alien, and Baby Spider Googly Eyes.

Baby/Toddler Costume Ideas and Tips

If you’re looking for some amazing costumes for your babies or toddlers, you’ve come to the right place! We have such a large selection that you will be bursting with joy. I don’t know about you, but seeing a child dressed in a costume just gives me the giggles. I think that it is the cutest thing ever, and we have just what you need to get you started.

Our costumes range from the classics, to a popular trending category. We pretty much have it all! So now is a great time to browse around for that perfect costume.

Baby/Toddler Clearance Costumes

If you’re on a budget and trying to keep as many coins in your pocket as possible, wait until you get a load of our clearance items. Our clearance items are booming with sales and great costume selections. One of the cool things also is that you can pinpoint how much you’re looking to spend.

We have costumes available from Justice League if you want to showcase your little superhero or Disney characters to parade your princess. These costumes range from $10 to $50. Reasonable, right? Of course, we believe in helping you save those dollars. So hurry and get to shopping!

Buying Tips and Ideas

When it comes to shopping for costumes, you want to make sure that the fit is comfortable for your child, especially when it comes to a newborn or toddler. You need something that is easy to put on and pull off in case of an emergency. Try and go with the jumpsuits, this can prevent any future accidents when it’s pottie time, and it also gives them the freedom of roaming around without feeling tight in the costume. You want them to be secure with a sure fit.

Another great tip is having a costume that doesn't come with a lot of accessories that they can put in the mouth. we need the little ones as safe as possible. Feel free to team up with the siblings as well by creating a theme from the movie The Incredibles, a storybook like the gnomes, or a pack of wolves for a Halloween theme.

Toddler/Baby Family Costumes

You and your toddler will love dressing as the Fantastic Four. Have your son dress as Mr. Fantastic, and your daughter dress as Sue Storm. Perhaps you can be the Flash or Green Lantern. How about Olaf, Elsa, Anna, and Han? Goldilocks and the Three Bears makes a great father, mother, daughter, and son family costume. Or maybe Chase, Marshall, and Rocky from Paw Patrol is better?

There are so many different ideas! As you can see, you can have so much fun with these costumes. The best part is the family gets to partake in the festivities.

Baby/Toddler Sibling Costumes

With these costumes you can have so much fun, especially if there’s a sister or brother—let's just say the whole family! That’s right, you can match up costumes to form a whole alliance. Pretty cool, right? You can have all the kids pull together and join forces to take over the villains with the superhero costumes, whether it is Batman and Robin or Superman and Wonder Woman.

Maybe you can have your girls dressed as magical princesses. It will be double the fun! Trust me, there are tons of costumes that the entire family will enjoy for any occasion!

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