Zorro Costumes

Who doesn't transform when they put on a mask and cape? We have Zorro Costumes! Visit us our page of Zorro costumes if you want to add a flair of adventure to your Halloween or costume party. Everything we sell is exactly the same as what you will find in a retail store but we sell them cheaper - wholesale, in fact. Plus, you order online so it is so convenient. It's as fast as to pick and then click to get your favorite Zorro costume to your door! Men, women and children have a variety of options when it comes to being the masked bandit.

Zorro Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Fight against those who would oppress less fortunate them such as the cruel Don Rafael Montero with an exciting new look that will give the normal folk hope for a better tomorrow. Embrace your destiny as a courageous swordsman and suit up for a south-of-the-border themed adventure with one of our amazing Zorro costumes. You’ll cut quite the dashing figure this Halloween dressed in all-black with a mysterious eye mask and accessories such as a fencing sword and hat.

Whether you’re pitched against bandits or corrupt soldiers, you won’t be able to resist leave your trademark Z wherever you going ensuring that your legend will spread far and wide. Featuring child, and adult costumes we even feature an all-black women’s take making for a pulse-pounding twist to the story that will have your enemies throwing down their weapons. Cut a path from Mexico to your hometown for a night full of fun and games dressed as one of fiction’s greatest crusaders.

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