Zootopia Costumes

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Zootopia Costume Ideas & Inspiration

To paraphrase a wise man: forget it, Judy, it’s Zootopia. Hopefully, your own adventure will end on a much brighter note but you’ve still got to crack the case if you’re going to ever find a costume for you and your family to sport in time for some animated trick-or-treating that will leave all of you feeling like you’ve taken a trip to Zootopia. This animated sensation smashes all expectations breaking out into the mainstream in a way that nobody could have expected.

Now you can join in on the animal fun this Halloween by putting together a costume ensemble that will have all of your woodland friends looking to party. Whether you’re dressed up as Judy Hopps, a hardnosed rabbit detective eager to prove herself or Nick Wilde, a sly fox who manages to give her the slip, you’ll love recreating your favorite lines and scenes courtesy of this official Zootopia apparel.

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