Zombie & Witch Costume Accessories

We know you're hungry for brains and human flesh, but before you go out walking with the other living dead, make sure you look the part with Zombie Accessories and Makeup. Whether you're going out on Halloween or participating in a zombie themed walk or run, you'll want to look your best and we have the tools you'll need. If your costume doesn't include a mask, the first step will be creating the look of rotting flesh on your face. We have a variety of professional quality makeup kits to give you that glamorous, undead glow you're going for. Some of these kits feature maggots and rot, as well as tools to help you create the appearance of gaping wounds. You might want to consider adding rotting teeth too, as well as some fake blood dripping from your mouth to really frighten the living. Once you have the perfect face, you'll be able to enhance your look even more with the rest of our zombie accessories.

Buy Zombie & Witch Accessories At Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Complete your spellbinding look with these magical Witch Accessories! Dressing up in costume on Halloween became a popular tradition in the United States during the early twentieth century, and since then witch disguises have remained among the most popular choices for girls and women. Traditionally, a witch is a person with a supernatural ability to use magic. In folklore, they take many forms, from healers and soothsayers to people out to curse their neighbors and haunt dreams. Whether you're a good witch or a bad witch, we have the brooms, hats, makeup, and shoes you'll need to cast your spell.

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