Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes can be a great project for those Halloween or party goers looking for a style out of the ordinary. The Zombie Costume is a creation of excellent costume choice and the appropriate makeup look that goes along with this choice.

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Zombie Makeup Tutorial

The cast of The Walking Dead will have nothing on you when you use the look in this zombie makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. You'll have your friends running with their hands on their heads, trying to protect their brains when you stagger on by.

Billy (Hocus Pocus) Makeup Tutorial

For a more friendly twist on the undead, consider Wholesale Halloween Costumes' take on Billy from the Disney classic Hocus Pocus. With this look, you'll be rising from the grave and helping others escape those wicked Sanderson Sisters in no time!

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The makeup look is usually something that can either be created at home, or the needed supplies can come along with the costume. For example, a Zombie Costume will need a monster face. Creating the styled face can be accomplished by using the following makeup applications:

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The pale face look can use a clown white to develop a washed out look. Black smudge can be applied under and around your eyes so that they appear more sunken in. Both the eyes and, also, the lips need to be blackened. And voila! Here is the creature face that you need for your Zombie Costume. Adding fake red will accentuate your facial makeup and give the look a more vivid and deathly appearance.

The Zombie Costumes can come in all sorts of varieties. For example, you can choose the office zombie look or the cowboy zombie attire. Both are appropriate if you want to present as a Halloween ghoul in these two settings.

If childhood adventure with a gruesome twist is your choice for Halloween, then you might want to turn any costume on our website into a zombie costume. That's the great thing about being a zombie. You can take any genre of costume and add zombie makeup, creating a one-of-a-kind look that people are certain to find very interesting.

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