Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes can be a great project for those Halloween or party goers looking for a style out of the ordinary. The Zombie Costume is a creation of excellent costume choice and the appropriate makeup look that goes along with this choice.

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Zombie Makeup Tutorial

The cast of The Walking Dead will have nothing on you when you use the look in this zombie makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. You'll have your friends running with their hands on their heads, trying to protect their brains when you stagger on by.

Billy (Hocus Pocus) Makeup Tutorial

For a more friendly twist on the undead, consider Wholesale Halloween Costumes' take on Billy from the Disney classic Hocus Pocus. With this look, you'll be rising from the grave and helping others escape those wicked Sanderson Sisters in no time!

Zombie Costume Ideas & Inspiration

When the dead walk the earth again, we will know the end times are upon us! Create a zombie apocalypse for you and your friends to enjoy this Halloween with a spooky new look that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a horde marching through town on the hunt for some delicious braaaains. The dead have never looked so good thanks to this exciting collection of zombie outfits designed for the whole family. You know what they say the family that slays together, stays together!

There’s a real biohazard out there thanks to outfits that have plenty of decaying flesh and bloody wounds. Designed for both adults and children, these zombie costumes feature cool and scary mash-ups like clowns, 80’s throwbacks, hazmat costumes and more. Get yours and break quarantine with an undead outfit that will have everyone convinced the dead are rising from beyond the grave and are back with bloody murder on the mind.

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