Yellow Accessories

Are you looking for some cheerful accents to your style? Then look no further than our Yellow Accessories section. Our bright, chipper item will look good with any costume or even everyday clothes. Our beads, hats, wigs gloves and more will make your style even better. If you are planning to be a Despicable Me Minion, banana, daisy or sunflower this Halloween, then you need our face and body makeup. If you are dressing as a bumblebee, you could use some shades. Would you like to be the Man in the Yellow Hat, Curious George's friend? We have a hat for you! Would you like to be Disney's Belle? Accent your look with beads.

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Yellow is one of the four primary colors. It is the color of energy and is said to symbolize wealth, happiness and optimism. One of the first colors used in art was a yellow made from clay and it can be seen in ancient cave art. Later in history, paint of this shade was made from various substances including urine and arsenic. Fortunately, today's ink is not made from such toxic substances. Egyptians used the color in tomb paintings and a paint box with yellow pigment made with arsenic was found in King Tut's tomb.

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