Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman made her grand entrance in the All-Star Comics series in 1941. But in today’s world, she’s a huge feminist icon! With her Lasso of Truth and Sword of Athena in hand, Wonder Woman fights crime just as often as her male counterparts, all while maintaining her poise and grace. Gal Gadot takes center screen in the new DC live-action films showcasing the story of Diana Prince and her journey to become a fearless warrior. It's no wonder why Wonder Woman costumes are such a popular choice for costume parties, conventions and Halloween!   

For the Crafty Costume - DIY Wonder Woman Accessories

If you're looking for a more hands-on approach to your costume, why not finish the look with your own hands and create a full set of accessories to complement your Wonder Woman Costume. On our DIY Wonder Woman Accessories blog post we'll walk you through the steps to making her shield and lasso plus her gauntles, head band and armband.

Justice League (2017) Costumes

In Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot made her long anticipated debut as Wonder Woman, and her streak of portraying the classic hero continued throughout 2017 in movies like her self-titled feature and Justice League. Now, you can recreate the newly-iconic style of the Amazonian Princess with a Wonder Woman costume, featuring classic accessories like her cuffs and crown. If you've got a team that's looking to join forces with you, grab a Batman costume, too.

DC Superhero Girls Costumes

Your little one will be standing up to bullies and for what's just when she rocks a DC Superhero Girls costume this Halloween. With vibrant colors and fun features, the animated show has put a new twist on the classic Wonder Woman style. Have a friend wear a Supergirl costume and you'll both look ready to save the world (and your social studies class) this Halloween!

Sexy Wonder Woman Costumes

There's nothing sexier than a woman who can hold her own in a room filled with men. Portray the ultimate female protagonist this Halloween when you grab a sexy superhero costume and, more specifically, one that resembles the Amazonian Warrior Princess, Wonder Woman. You'll be ready to save the planet (and look great doing it) when you don the classic red, white, blue and gold of this iconic character in something a little skimpier than typical comic book fans are accustomed to.

Buy Wonder Woman Costumes From Wholesale Halloween Costumes

With licensed Wonder Woman costumes, any woman or girl can be a hero. There are gloves, capes, boots, lassos, swords, shields, and gauntlets to complete any wonder woman look that you’re aiming for. If you’re looking for a more casual look, the T-Shirt kit is for you! Feeling classic? The full costume is also available. Stylized for fighting crime, each costume is tailored to make you feel superhuman.  

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