Women's Saloon Girls Costumes

Step back in time with one of our Saloon Girl Costumes. During the great expansion towards the west coast, many new towns opened saloons to provide all types of pleasures. While the men sat around and enjoyed themselves, women were asked to make the guys feel more comfortable. These lovely ladies provided plenty of entertainment to the gentleman who settled into the tavern for a drink. Their services made the experience more enjoyable, and helped the men forget about the hard work that filled their days. You will put on quite the show in one of these amazing outfits. Great for Halloween or a theme party, these fantastic ensembles will help you look spectacular. You will have so much fun dressed in one of these extraordinary dresses.

A typical saloon girl wardrobe features a revealing top, usually a corset, and large ruffled dress. They were often a vibrant color, and featured fancy trimmings. Women could enhance their look with additional attachments. We offer many different styles of Saloon Girl costumes for you to choose. We feature many different sizes, colors, and designs to accommodate every woman's need. Dress it up with our great accessories to create your own wonderful version. Stockings, boas, headpieces, are all fantastic items that will make add extra appeal to the attire. Once you have everything you need, you will be ready for the show. Just make sure your practice a provocative routine to get the crowd going wild. Entertain the crowd with one of our classic Saloon Girl costumes, and make your party unforgettable.

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