Women's Patriotic Costumes

Whether gearing up for a bit of Fourth of July festivities, seeking something timeless for Halloween, searching for historic garb meant to add pizazz to your play, or just feeling a wee bit patriotic our costumes are sure to add to such a delightful experience. From that great symbol of liberty and justice for all to a key figure in our nation’s history these women's historic & patriotic costumes offer authenticity, notoriety and a bit of quirk, at a price that's affordable. Take a look at all of our different options to find the best item for a new ensemble at any event.

Add a bit of red, white, and blue all over the place with all kinds of patriotic options. With an Uncle Sam style look to turn yourself into Aunt Sam that is sure to tickle fellow partygoers and patriots alike. For those looking to replicate the earliest days of America's settlement, we offer a variety of pilgrim costumes to suit your needs. They come in handy for Thanksgiving plays as well as historical reenactments. The assortment of costumes we have represents the cultural melting pot that is our great nation. You can find items to depict various peoples in order to create a fun, safe, and enjoyable event.

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