For centuries, vampires have roamed the earth, lurking in the shadow of night. They awaken when the sun goes down and search the darkness for unsuspecting victims. People have long been warned of the dangers of the vampire but few suspect the bloodsucking ferocity of the vampiress. This year, dress in a women's gothic vampire costume and unleash the suspense and terror that only a vampiress can possess.

Women's Vampire Costumes

Transformation is simple. There is no need to be bitten, no pain, and unfortunately you won't be granted eternal life. You will however come out looking like a lady vamp. Our women's vampire costumes can turn you into a sexy vampiress with a beautiful black gown, or a terrifying monster with a deathly pallor and blood stained fangs. The choice is yours. There are many different styles to suit you that range from classic Gothic costumes to sexy to frightful. Even ghostly styles take a vampiric twist in this unique costume category. Take a look at some of our accessories, jewelry, makeup and more for your outfit.

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