Women's Horror & Gothic Costumes

This Halloween, conjure up a few fiendish delights with our women's horror and gothic costumes. Whether scary, sexy or tongue-in-cheek is your mantra this year, you've come to the right place. For a ghoulish take sure to impress everyone, you can turn into a ghost, witch, zombie, or even a creepy clown. Anything and everything is sure to scare! We offer so much variety to your style with a huge range of options to make your ensemble as haunting as possible. Take a look at all of our items to see what you use for Halloween, costume parties, conventions and more.  Shop our Horror & Gotchic collection for women today!

Vampire Costumes

When people think of vampires, there are two things that come to mind: Count Dracula, and the image of a powerful, fanged woman with a high collar and a winged cape. Dracula is old news. But the female vampiress remains as the most terrifying and alluring of the undead blood suckers. Are you looking to transform from a bat into a lady of the shadows? Fortunately for you, now you don't need to be bitten, you can simply don the cape, the fangs and a vampire costume to become a terrifying creature of the night. Whether your goal is to scare, seduce, or simply transform, becoming a vampire is a simple and classic way to do so. Behind every powerful man is a more powerful woman, so why not become the powerful woman alongside the Count?

Ghost Costumes

No one is quite sure what happens when we die, but many believe we sometimes return to Earth as spirits to haunt those who are still living. Ghost costumes are a classic at Halloween, and they provide both a costume and an allure of mystery. Transform yourself into a spirit in a flash! No matter your afterlife motivations, with any of these looks you can haunt your friends, spook your family, and appear to be back from beyond the grave! There's nothing more Halloween-y than a ghost, and if your goal as a ghoul is to bring the spirit back to Halloween, you're just a few simple steps away. Get your ghastly ghost on!

Shop Our Collection Of Horror & Gothic Costumes For Women

For the grown-up trick-or-treater or partygoer seeking a twisted take on classic designs, consider any of these choices. Relive all kinds of horror movies, television shows, or create a character all on your own. Sometimes you can even add a bit of humor to your style with several fun options. Turn into the bride of Frankenstein, a marionette puppet, or sultry vampire. There are plenty of options to choose from. Take a look at our various sets of jewelry, props, or accessories to add to the ensemble. You will be the scariest, most terrifying being on Halloween, at parties, or conventions.

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