Women's Greek/Roman Costumes

Women's Greek and Roman God & Goddesses costumes have been popular for years, mainly because there is so much variety in them, and because they are so easy to wear. Though many of the costumes that fall into this category are simpler than other costumes, they still manage to be unique, noticeable, and look great on women of all body types. This makes choosing one a breeze for any woman looking for a great Halloween costume.

Women's Greek goddess costumes and women's Roman goddess costumes earned their initial popularity from the toga costume, in particular. For years women have been wearing togas as easy and fun costumes. These dresses, while holding true to the flowing style, feature different necklines, colorful patterns and adornments to make them unique. For even more selection among these great costumes, there are wonderful historic female warrior costumes from which to choose. A Roman Gladiator costume with some featuring a corsets, capes, skirts, and more. Browse through our listing of accessories and toy weapons to add even more authenticity to the look.

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