Women's Gangster Costumes

Calling all sassy gangstas and rebels! Looking for that perfect, hot-blooded costume for your next party or event? Step right on and come on in...we've got just the number you're looking for. Our selection of Halloween costumes has a wild variety of sexy gangster getups as well as madwomen mafia-styled skirt suits.

We have options suitable for everybody, whether you like to show a lot of skin or just a little. For a look that's as elegant and comfortable as it is flamboyantly edgy, look no farther than our Gangster Lady Costume. The neck-tie and hat add just the perfect dash of rebel elegance to a bold black and white suit--you're sure to steal the show. This is a great option if the weather will be a little cooler, or if you'd prefer to show a little less skin.

Some women's gangster costumes are known for their versatility. Imagine being able to go from Gangster to Glam in less than a minute. You can with the reversible Gangster to Gorgeous Quick Change costume. You can even have 5 looks in one with a with the pinstriped Gangster Wrap Halloween costume.

For those who love to show off their beautiful legs, make sure to check out our whole selection of little dresses. Our Playboy Gangsta Lady is the ultimate sexy, edgy costume. You'll look extra rakish with your hat tipped down over one eye as you step out in this hot little number. The Playboy Gangsta Lady is literally "little", too--awesome way to show off those beautiful gams. Great with fishnets and heels or some getaway boots, this outfit is all stripes and buttons, so you'll look as feminine as you look rebellious. We also have the teen gangsta costume, for those who like their stripes with a little lace--and knee socks! Whatever you decide, don't forget to pick up some rakish stockings and a sassy hat to finish your look... and the ultimate accessory.. a shiny white-tommy gun. Even better than a pearl handled pistol!

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