Women's Food & Drink Costumes

Women's Food Costumes can be your solution to costume idea famine. What could be scarier than some of the things we eat everyday? If you have a food allergy, you could dress up as the offender and face your fears. A friend could accompany you dressed up as an injection of epinephrine.  Shop our collection of Food & Drink costumes now!

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You could be your favorite fruit or vegetable. The neighborhood kids will go running and screaming from your porch if you answer your door dressed as a carrot or pea. There is nothing more terrifying to a small child than a large orange carrot or peas that are bigger than their heads. Women's Food Costumes could give you ideas for your whole family. Mom and Dad can dress as bacon and eggs. The kids can dress up as hungry mouths to feed. In this economy, that can be a scary situation, but don't fret. The beauty of Halloween is you can go door to door and collect mountains of candy. The kids won't be hungry anymore…and the dentist will love you. Take a look at all the outfits and accessories you can dress as. You are what you eat!

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