Women's Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

Historical costumes are great for Halloween, though they should be both fun and recognizable. When it comes to women's Halloween costumes, the most recognizable are Arabian and Egyptian costumes. And with the variety of styles available, and the new twists on old favorites, there is surely something that will be fun for any woman to wear.

The classic genie look has been a classic option for years. You could even tap into a Disney character such as Jasmine or even Esmeralda. All of these options are for magical and adventurous women to experience a new whole world. Egyptian costumes allow women to become Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. It has long been one of the most popular costumes for women, and that trend continues with a wide variety of costumes ranging from classic to sexy. We offer so many costumes to honor as well as have fun with another culture. Add all kinds of accessories, jewelry, and more to your look.

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