Women's 70's Disco Costumes

The 70's were a time of post hippie era funk. Dancing and flashy parties were the rage. It was a time when glamour, disco, and indulgence was as culturally acceptable as American pie. This Halloween, celebrate the 70's with women's 70's costumes. These costumes will allow you to really experience the outlandishness of this fashionable decade.

If you grew up in the 70's, you know about all the fashionable trends that made this decade unique and in a class all its own. Flared leggings, big collars, and knee-high socks that were considered "in" then are now a great source of amusement and laughter to today's youthful generation. Costumes pay homage to the bell bottom craze and tight pants obsession of yesteryear. Everything we offer is meant to get you movin’ and groovin’ out on the dance floor. Turn yourself into a disco diva or groovy goddess with plenty of items to choose from. We offer a huge variety of costumes as well as accessories to complete any look.

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