Women's 50's Costumes

Contrary to popular belief, dressing up in costumes for Halloween is not just for kids. Adults can join in on the fun, whether it's for trick or treating with the kids or attending an adult Halloween party. Adult Halloween costumes are designed specifically for adult bodies and interests, and women especially have a great selection to choose from. One of the most popular categories for women is 50's costumes, which look great on any woman out and about on Halloween.

Women's 50's costumes reflect a decade when life was easier, rebellion was cool, and clothes were trendy and fun. A woman doesn't have to be a child of the era to love the clothes, though, and 50's costumes are a great way to relive history. These costumes are iconic, and mirror clothing shown on popular classic television shows and in movies. We offer all kinds of swell outfits such as the poodle skirt or greaser girl. A 50's waitress costume is a fun character choice to fit in with the decade. And because the 50's wouldn't have been the same without Marilyn Monroe, why not dress up in a sexy number modeled after her iconic style? Mix and match our costumes and accessories to pull off the best match for the time period.

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