Women's 20's Flapper Costumes

When it comes to decades that are romanticized to the point that they are idolized even today, the Roaring Twenties is hard to beat. This is the decade in which everyone imagines there were bootleggers, gangsters and flappers on every corner, and that everyone was living a free and fun life. Though that's not exactly true, it's fun to be able to live the fantasy on Halloween. And with great women's flapper costumes, any woman can feel as though she's living in the twenties.

The flapper style is an iconic one that is still imitated today, so there is nothing than could be any more stylish or recognizable than a flapper Halloween costume. The flapper style that is most often emulated in Halloween costumes today is of a simple tank style dress that is completely covered in long fringe. The most common color to see these flapper costumes in is black, though there is any number of different colors to choose from. Many of these dresses are paired with a headpiece that generally comes in one of two styles. The Roaring Twenties were an iconic decade in fashion and helped shift the landscape of women’s apparel. Check out some of our accessories to see what else you can add to the look.

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