Wolverine Costumes

Be one of the world’s most famous X-Men with a Wolverine costume. The role Hugh Jackman made famous is coming again to the big screen in Logan, and there’s no better way to prepare for it than with a Wolverine costume. Train new members of Dr. Xavier’s school with licensed claws, bodysuits, and classic costumes to find the power within you. Costumes are available for adults and children as are the claws –  because nobody likes a superhuman power they can’t control!  

While you may not have claws or powers of your own, you can channel your inner X-Men with Wolverine’s signature claws. Practice your moves like the Canadian mutant in a Wolverine bodysuit, or if you’re feeling out of shape we have a men’s muscle Wolverine costume to display exactly what your enemies are measuring themselves up against. Assemble your X-Men team and get ready to take on some evil villains.

Marvel Universe Costumes

Wolverine might be the best known member of the X-Men, but he's definitely not alone. Xavier's School for the Young and Gifted has several students, and even more mutants can be found throughout the rest of the Marvel Universe. Whether you're looking to be a Guardian of the Galaxy, or defend a slightly smaller space like hometown hero, Deadpool, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

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