Wolverine Costumes

Be one of the world’s most famous X-Men with a Wolverine costume. The role Hugh Jackman made famous is coming again to the big screen in Logan, and there’s no better way to prepare for it than with a Wolverine costume. Train new members of Dr. Xavier’s school with licensed claws, bodysuits, and classic costumes to find the power within you. Costumes are available for adults and children as are the claws –  because nobody likes a superhuman power they can’t control!  

While you may not have claws or powers of your own, you can channel your inner X-Men with Wolverine’s signature claws. Practice your moves like the Canadian mutant in a Wolverine bodysuit, or if you’re feeling out of shape we have a men’s muscle Wolverine costume to display exactly what your enemies are measuring themselves up against. Assemble your X-Men team and get ready to take on some evil villains.

Wolverine Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Activate your X-Gene this Halloween with the help of one of the most renowned and popular X-Men, the fearsome Wolverine. This Canadian-superhero has a long and storied history with plenty of comic books, television shows, and even movies centered on his exploits.

If you’re attending Halloween alongside the rest of your fellow mutants then you definitely want to check out our selection of exciting Wolverine costumes, accessories and more. But even if you’re a solo act you’re in luck because Wolverine has played the lone wolf on plenty of occasions. His blue-and-yellow duds from the comics are definitely his most famous apparel but he’s gone with civilian outfits in plenty of his recent on-screen appearances. We’ve even got dog costumes so your pet can finally unleash their adamantium rage. Either way, you’ll definitely want to pick up the wolverine claw accessories for some extra fun. Just don’t let that square Cyclops see you cutting loose this Halloween.

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