Wolf Costumes

Make Your Own Wolf Costume

DIY Wolf Half Mask

Half masks allow you the breathability and movement that makes you way more comfortable when wearing a costume. The wolf is super popular costume thanks to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, so this DIY Wolf Half Mask will turn this Halloween into HOWLoween!

Follow along with this DIY to top off your wolf costume for Halloween or an upcoming convention. It’s easy to do and even easier to wear!

DIY Wolf Feet

Wolves are pretty popular when it comes to Halloween costumes but nobody wants to dress in the same outfit that you see at every party. THe easy way to show up in a never before seen look is to DIY your own costume. That's where these wolf feet come in. They're sure to make you go a little wild this Halloween. 

Creating a realistic wolf foot might seem like quite a feat, but we've got you covered. This easy to follow costume DIY will give you the perfect wolf feet to go with any type of wolf-related costume! 

Wolf Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Play as a pack with a wildlife-themed costume that will make you and your family feel like a cohesive unit. But you’re going to need one heck of an outfit to pull off your new group theme. Luckily for you, we’ve got a selection of fun and impressive wolf outfits that will make this Halloween feel like an excursion that the entire pack can enjoy together.

Our catalog features a wide array of costumes on both ends of the spectrum. Some are silly and cute featuring adorable little proportions that will make her girl look like the happiest little wolf on town. Little Red Riding Hood would have nothing to fear from these friendly wolves. On the other hand, some of our costumes are much fierce and deadly in their appearance. We’ve even got some stylish costumes that preteen girls will love impressing all their friends at Wolf University with. Embrace your family’s wild side this Halloween.

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