Wizard Costumes

If you want to go as something magical this Halloween, get a great deal on a wizard outfit from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. We have the best prices on a wide array of awesome costumes, and with our fast shipping, waiting time is not a problem. Order your wizard costume online today from Wholesale Halloween Costumes!

Wizard Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Cast your most powerful summoning spell to bring to you a magical and arcane tome filled to the brim with Wizard costumes. You need a look to show off your newfound power with if anyone is to take you seriously as one of the world’s strongest wizards. Whether you’re adventuring with a party of friends this Halloween or skulking about the castle that you call home with a gang of underlings, you’ll definitely want a convincing new look that feels like it came straight out of Lord of the Rings.

 Choose from an extensive and thorough selection of men and women’s costumes that are designed to make you look as if you have arcane power flowing through your body. Featuring long beards and long flowing robes, you’ll have no rivals who dare challenge such a fierce and formidable-looking spell caster. Get yours and any additional arcane objects or artifacts to help enhance your power such as crystal balls, magic potions and more.

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