Blonde Wigs & Hair

Blonde wigs tend to be for women or girls unless they are specific to a character or meant to be a funny costume accessory. A man's blonde wig will probably be a mullet for a hillbilly costume or an afro for a disco dancer parody outfit. Although many of those types of wigs are available for women as well, blonde wigs for women tend to be serious business.

A blonde wig for a woman will usually be sexy, glamorous, or meant to be part of a particular character or person's costume. Long blonde hair tends to be associated with a sexy or sultry look and are usually recommended as an accessory to a sexy costume or movie star look. Short blonde wigs, however, are often considered sophisticated, high society, or charming—as well as still being sexy. There are exceptions, of course, especially when a wig is intended to be part of a particular character or theme.

Themed wigs, like 1950s or 80s hairstyles, are described mostly based on the role they are fulfilling and how well they will make the wearer match the desired look. 50s wigs, for instance, need to make the girl or woman look and feel like she's authentic to that period. Even though a woman would still likely want to look sexy, she's also concerned with making sure the wig is appropriate to wear with her poodle skirt and sweater. There are quite a few themes that wigs can be categorized as, and most seemed to be based on an era. There are long braided medieval wigs, goddess wigs, and many wigs from more recent periods. Flappers, go-gos, hippies, and disco dancers are all represented.

A character wig has to meet a similar role demand as a themed wig. A woman wearing a Marilyn Monroe wig is probably very concerned with making sure her wig, along with the rest of her costume, makes her look like that famous celebrity. The most popular character wigs seem to be Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga, in part because they have such recognizable styles of blonde hair. There are wigs for many other popular blondes, though. If you can't find a wig named after the person you want to dress as chances are you can find a non-official wig that looks pretty close to what you need. For girls, the blonde Disney princesses are all represented, as well as many cartoon and fairy tale characters.

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