Beards & Moustaches

In countless societies, the mark of excellent facial hair is a sign of vigorous and impressive masculinity, and now you can join the ranks of legends by getting your own impressive facial hair. The Beard and Mustache Accessories page features several faux facial hair supplies that you can wear to complement your costume. No matter what you dress up as this Halloween, there's a beard that matches it.

The extra long and wide beard come in straight and curly varieties. Many of the items included on this page are unique looks that will help you stand out in a crowd. You'll arrive at the party and immediately turn heads. Women will be impressed and men with less impressive facial growth will hang their heads in shame. You'll feel like the most impressive man in the room with a beard that matches a mountain man's.

The mustaches aren't too shabby either. These pieces, like the beards, are offered at wholesale, which means more savings for you when you need them most. The costume alone was a hefty price, so offering beards and mustaches at a fair price is our goal. These mustaches come in combed, twirled, and wild varieties that match a several different trends throughout history.

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