Auburn/Red Wigs & Hair

Spice up your next Halloween outfit with a hairstyle that will enchant everyone. The Auburn & Red Wigs are a collection of beautiful haircuts that will contrast well against any dark outfit. If you've always wanted to try a sexy look like this, now's your opportunity to see what you would look like with this hair color before committing to an actual dye.

Several pages of red hair allows you to browse for the right one to fit any costume. No matter the decade-appropriate look you're looking for, we have a wig to fit it. You can become a refined and luxurious starlets from the 1950s or a hardcore rock star from the 1980s. We also feature wigs designed after famous red heads. Your costume will benefit greatly from a wig of the right color. Curly and straight, you'll look like the bombshell of every boy's dreams. Even if you're wearing a costume that is similar to several other ladies' outfits, you'll still be the shining star in the group with your fiery head of hair. The color varies from an intense burn to a subtle scorch, so pick which one would best match your complexion and demeanor.

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