White Accessories

White accessories go with anything. Technically, white is the absence of color but we think it is the perfect hue for making other colors POP! Just like black, white offers a sharp contrast to other colors. It provides the clean slate, if you will, so that the rest of our costume can stand out. Likewise, it is subdued enough that it will not detract attention from your ensemble as a whole. Great examples would be white gloves on a mime costume or white base makeup for a clown.

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But what if you are dressing up in an angel or a bride costume? Well, then white accessories are exactly what you need! Tutus, shoes, wings and hosiery in a snowy shade will complement an all white costume. This is one of those time that you want to create an monochromatic look rather than a contrast.

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A full line of colored, or in this case, uncolored accessories includes makeup, shoes, jewelry, wigs, hats, tights & stockings, masks, boas and more.

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