Where's Waldo Costumes

Enter the world of Waldo with Where’s Waldo? With costumes for men and women. Remember the large books, where Waldo traveled to different places like airports and cities to send you a postcard? Hopefully you found the curious traveler who’s known for his red and white striped shirt and red and white hat. You can be the mysterious Waldo with a costume that comes for adults and in plus sizes. When you’re dressed as this recognizable character you can blend in with the crowd until someone shouts, “I found Waldo!”

Where's Waldo Costume Ideas & Inspiration

With a look that’s this sneaky, there’s no telling where you might pop up next. Hide in plain sight with a surprisingly visible outfit that has somehow managed to stump generations of children across the world. This Halloween, make for quite the brain teaser for your friends and family by sporting a Where’s Waldo outfit that’s from our official catalog. These have been licensed for authenticity ensuring that you’re not dealing with any substandard knock-off here but only the best in Waldo-themed apparel.

We feature a variety of costumes and accessories designed for not just men and women, but children as well. Even pets can get in on the fun with their own matching costume that we have a feeling they’ll like as long as it means it takes longer for you to notice them circling around the food tray. If you need one specific piece we’ve also got you covered with prop glasses, hats, and even a messenger bag to ensure you’ve got a look this Halloween with all of the appropriate bells and whistles.

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