Werewolf Costumes

This Halloween, chase the moon and put "Team Jacob" to shame. Pick out a "Party-Animal" from the best selection of Werewolf costumes on the web and prove Werewolves smarter than zombies by avoiding the retail bite. Werewolf costumes always make for a howling good Halloween!

Glam Werewolf Makeup Tutorial

Once a month during a full moon, the werewolves come out to play. The werewolf curse morphs a human into a wolf as seen in movies, books and on television. The origin of such sickness dates back to the Middle Ages. Instead of stocking up on silver, shapeshift into the supernatural beast on your own without having to wait for the full moon.

Overall, it's an easy costume idea. You can just wear regular clothes that you've torn to shreds during your recent transformation. Then add some fangsearsbeast hands and a wig to help you complete the look. 

If you're looking for a lupine look with a femme twist, Caitlyn Kreklewich has got you covered. Check out this video to see how to recreate her version of a Wolf Woman.

Werewolf Costumes

Even if you're not typically big and bad, you can be this Halloween when you shop wolf costumes. You'll have Little Red Riding Hood shaking in her cape when upon the sight of you, and you'll be howling at the moon in delight whenever you give someone a scare. Huff, puff, and blow yourself right into the scary costumes section at Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Buy Quality Werewolf Costumes Online

Try a fierce costume pairing a tattered shirt with fabulous faux fur. But discerning Lycanthropes know, the centerpiece of any outfit werewolf costume is the wolf's head mask, fanged and furious. A bold, powerful werewolf mask is also a great attention-getter. Put on a werewolf mask and you'll feel like you just walked off a movie set! Snarl and the world snarls with you. Makes the perfect gift for your favorite fun-loving wolfman.

Terrify your friends and impress the ghouls with a phenomenal werewolf costume right out of the Dark Woods! An intense outfit will leave all their snouts agape! Add some claw gloves and make the guy in the Wolverine costume green with envy! Take on the kennel and win "Best-In-Class" with a savage Werewolf costume consisting of a tattered shirt and dark, matted fur. Bask in the full moon and show off a battle-scared werewolf pelt. Go ferocious in a growling mask and pointy wolf ears.

Sometimes, children want scary costumes too, and Werewolf costumes for boys let them unleash the beast for just one night as they hunt down sweet candy treats. Let your little fiend howl in fake fur, tatters and fangs! Size matters and for the biggest wolves in the woods, plus size Werewolf costumes are also available!

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