Walking Dead Costumes

The AMC show the Walking Dead is one of its most popular shows. With its zombie apocalypse theme, the Walking Dead group costumes have become ideal for celebrating Halloween for years. Zombies are a big trend that has accelerated to one of the most popular creations during the holiday and for costume parties. Dress up as one of one of our terrifying zombies; or help Rick and the others by dressing up as a zombie hunter!

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Rotting flesh, bulging eyeballs, collapsing eyes, and a decaying head are among some of the best looks for representing zombies. Get a makeup kit to help create the little girl mouth that shows rotting teeth and blood oozing out or purchase a zombie mask with ripped up clothing and blood stains, making the perfect zombie look when attending a Halloween party or a special event such as a human vs zombie competition.

The Walking Dead has become such a popular program that fans gather together to throw a Walking Dead party when the show comes on. Why not dress up in Walking Dead group costumes? This would be a lot of fun for friends and family alike.

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