Viking Costumes

These historic reproductions of Viking costumes offer the excitement and adventure of times long gone. Thrill at the way these outfits bring out the explorer in you. While all of the land on the planet may have already been discovered, don't let the crew hear that or they may mutiny. If any one can discover that overlooked island or lost archipelago it is you and your fellow Norsemen. Halloween is such a great time for fantasy and Viking costume are ideal for adventuresome people.

Raid that party with panache and secure your share of fair maidens because that is the Viking way. Study the runes and you will find no better value in Viking costumes upon the high seas, online or ashore.

Let the scribes record your exploits for the ages as you create the next chapter in the Icelandic Sagas by living the barbarian dream lifestyle that you know you were destined for. Odin will guide your hand to the right Viking costumes for your needs. Should the Hammer of Thor make it necessary to seek an exchange or return, fear thou not! For the generous no hassle return policy is there to protect ye.

From dragons and dwarves to serpents, dangers abound on land and especially upon the seas. Make sure that your sword is ready and be prepared for battle.

Remember that not all Vikings wore horns. Many a Viking maiden has been thankful that her date chose a hat without the horns. Get the point? Those Viking costumes without horns are just as authentic. With or without the horns your fate is irreversibly linked to Asgard so why fight it?

In today's world we require more than the docile passivity of the ordinary citizen to excel, so borrow some Mojo from the past, wear one of these Viking costumes to your favorite social gathering to make an impression on the damsels and to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Longship not included.

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