Video Games Costumes

Imagine a party where everyone is dressed to resemble video game characters. Let your imagination run wild as you think up ways to re-enact your gaming experiences in a Video Game Group Costume Party.

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Picture your family dressed as the Mario Bros.? Mario and Luigi outfits consist of blue overalls and the top hat with either an L or M imprinted on it. All you need to complete the overall picture is a mallet to thwart those bad guys.

How about dressing up for as PacMan? You could build a maze and have PacMan escape from the ghosts as they eat the magic pellets.

Do you know some daring adults? Why not have a get-together where the theme is Video Game Group Costumes? The best one for this is Mortal Kombat. You can make it as sexy or tame as you would like with the addition of boots, plastic weapons and of course, knowing how to kick those bad guys' butts.

Other ideas for throwing the party of the century include Sonic the Hedgehog or Skylander For the kids, host an Angry Bird or Minecraft party. You can always enhance an ordinary clothes into a Video Game Group Costume with simple supplies that you have around the house.

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