Victorian Costumes

Jump back to the Victorian era this Halloween with a Victorian costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes! You'll look great in a comfortable vintage style that's no hassle to put on. Men's costumes will have him looking fancy in a tailcoat, while women's costumes and girl's costumes are a regal pair. We always have low prices and fast shipping. Shop for your costume for Halloween today!

Victorian Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Looking to celebrate Victorian fashion this Halloween? Then don't miss out on any of our high quality Victorian Costumes! The Victorian era comprises the period of time during Queen Victoria's reign, lasting from the year 1837 to 1901 in the United Kingdom.

Featuring elegant dresses and luxurious wear, Victorian fashion is certainly a look you're going to want to be sporting this Halloween! With your purchase of one of our lavish Victorian get-ups, you will receive everything you need to feel like you're living in nineteenth century London. Victorian fashion often gets paired with the lore of vampires due to the regal look of the times. If you're looking to dress up as a vampire this year, then why not choose one of our Victorian get-ups and add face make-up and fangs for a real subtle dracula look? Everybody will love it!

Victorian fashion has also sprouted a new movement and aesthetic with the growing trend of Steampunk culture. This special world features an alternate timeline of history where steam-powered technologies evolved much further than they did, creating a really cool aesthetic of brass and copper, gears, clockwork, wires, pipes, and steam-powered looks bordering on futuristic and ancient appeals all at once.

This neo-Victorian line of fashion creates some of the most wicked looking costumes, masks, helmets, weapons, gadgets, and more great accessories. If you're looking for a Victorian costume like nothing you've ever seen before, then you may definitely want to consider a Steampunk look this year!

All of our Victorian costumes and accessories are not only limited to adults either. If your child is looking for a costume straight out of old London fashion, then be sure to scan through our many options! Your son and daughter are going to love it! Buy one of our Victorian costumes today, and go make this Halloween a nineteenth century night like never before!

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