Venetian Masks

Spice up your look this year with a classic Italian costume accessory, the Venetian Mask. This popular style of face covering is perfect for a variety of occasions, from Masquerade parties to Fancy balls. The Venetian Mask is traditionally worn to hide the identity of the wearer, which creates an air of mystery and excitement at parties. They typically feature ornate designs on the face that occur in a variety of colors. Depending on your outfit, there are Venetian masks in almost every shade of the rainbow.

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Venetian Masks traditionally come in two styles: eye masks and full face designs. Both unique looks are a great way to stand out at your next costume party. The popular design of this mask has been around for many years and even had a prominent role in the controversial film Eyes Wide Shut, further demonstrating the Venetian Mask's abilities to captivate and seduce.

Men and women both look great in this alluring style, and can pull of this classic look during Mardi Gras, and even on Halloween. One popular take on theVenetian Mask is the half face design that covers only one side of the face. This style became popular in the novel The Phantom of the Opera. In the story, the opera ghost seduces the main character while keeping his face hidden by a plain white half face version of the Venetian Mask. As one of the oldest and most enjoyed types of face coverings, the Venetian Mask has had a lengthy romantic history in entertainment and real life.

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