Vampirina Costumes

DIY No-Sew Vampirina Hoodie

Vampirina is a ghoulish girl living in the human world. And we bet your little one can't get enough of her and the whole Hauntley crew. This Halloween, or Friday the 13th, your little girl will be like no other monster on the block when she steps out in her Vampirina Hoodie! You don't need any sewing skills to recreate this adorable wearable. We've even provided a free template to complete the look with her signature bat wing ponytails and skull necklace.

This post was written, created and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Click that link for more of her DIY projects!

DIY Vampirina Shoes

Vampirina is the spookiest ghoul on Disney Junior. That's why with Halloween right around the corner, a pair of Vampirina shoes is a no-brainer. Your little one will feel like she's checked herself in for the night at the Scare B&B where she can hang with Vee and the whole Hauntley family!

The best part about these adorable shoes is that they're easy to recreate if you follow along with our tutorial! Check out our list of supplies and get the template to create your own pair of Vampirina shoes.

Vampirina Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Your girl will feel like she’s actually a member of the Hauntley family this Halloween when she’s wearing one of our licensed costumes. This hit animated series features the titular character Vampirina as she adjusts to life in Pennsylvania living among regular human beings, while her parents also run a bed and breakfast for ghouls. She sports the nickname Vee for short and must learn how to live in a place that is very different from her native Transylvania.

Full of heartwarming messages about family, this is a great theme to go with for any little fan of these fun Halloween fantasy series. Our selection includes must-have items such as actual costumes modeled after Vee’s appearance in the series, as well other accessories such as headbands, her trademark Spookylele, a necklace and more. Make sure her Halloween feels extra-special by getting a gift that’s straight from the old undead heart.

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