Girl's Vampire Costumes

For the best girl's vampire costumes, look no further than Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Girls don't have to be full of sugar, spice, and everything nice. They can be full of fangs, bites and Halloween delights. Let your little vampiress out of her coffin with these gothic and unforgettable girl's vampire Halloween costumes.

Girl's Vampire Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Ah, the creatures of the night, what pretty trick-or-treaters they make. You’ll be able to say with confidence that there’s not a cuter bloodsucker in town than your Transylvanian princess. We have an exciting selection of vampire costumes designed to give her a range of exciting looks varying from cute to fiendish.

Go with a proven classic this Halloween and transform her into one of horror’s most enduring creatures. If she’s the kind of girl who loves gothic fashion then we have many red and black classical Vampiress costumes that will leave her looking like she’s the ruler of a dilapidated castle full of undead horrors. These general feature high collars and ornate Victorian or even Renaissance fashion styles. On the flip side, many of our cuter vampire girl costumes feature brands that she is likely familiar with such as Vampirina, Hotel Transylvania and more providing her with a lovely movie or television product that she can get extra enjoyment out of.

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