Vampire Costumes

Bleh, bleh, bleh! Dracula is here! Vampire costumes are a classic Halloween look, no matter your age or size. Wholesale Halloween Costumes has plenty of vampire outfits for you to choose from in plenty of sizes, whether you’re looking for a girls vampire costume or a women’s vampire costume. Dress up as Nosferatu or the Count and make sure your fangs are showing! This Halloween, you’ll be the king of the bats in a men’s vampire costume. Reliable shipping will ensure that you’re a champion of the night with a brand new vamp look. Grab your vampire costume today!

Vampire Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Become an immortal bloodsucker this Halloween when you put on one of our regal and luxurious Vampire Costumes! Vampires live off of a steady diet of blood, so they are certainly not creatures you want to disrespect or get on the bad side of. This Halloween, experience the power and mystery of the vampire when you dress up as one yourself! As a vampire, you must avoid the sunlight at all costs. Mainly nightdwellers, these eternal creatures can transform into bats at a moment's notice, and on top of this, they also possess a few other strange tricks and quirks about them. 

For instance, a vampire has no reflection, so in both mirrors and photographs a vampire vanishes without a trace. Their main weakness is garlic and a stake to the heart, so wherever you go this Halloween, just remember to be on the lookout for any potential dangers! Overall, it's important to remember that vampires are the biggest party animals out of all of the ghouls and demons in mythological folklore.

When you head to the Halloween party this year donning one of our high quality vampire or vampiress costumes, you will bring all of the fun and lively energy right along with you. As an immortal who cherishes the nightlife, you can party longer and harder than anybody else! Hit the dance floor and show off your best moves with all of your other vampire and vampiress friends in the clan, and you'll be guaranteed to have your best night yet.

And don't forget to get the kids in on the action too! Our vampire costumes for children, toddlers, and babies are the cutest little get-ups in town. Your children can take a break from the all blood diet to sneak in some candy this Halloween (shhh, we won't tell!) Buy one of our Vampire Costumes today, and go make this Halloween an immortally fun one!

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