Unicorn Costumes

There are almost no beings as magical as unicorns. That’s why they’re so popular! If you’re looking for a unicorn costume for Halloween, or a cute little unicorn outfit for your kids, Wholesale Halloween Costumes is the place for you. Reliable shipping will ensure your magical unicorn costume gets to you in time for the occasion. Buy your adult unicorn onesie or get your daughter a girls’ unicorn costume today! Rainbows are in the air and things feel magical, so sprinkle some glitter and get your costume!

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Make your Halloween or next costume party a magical event with an adult unicorn costume! These mystical horned creatures are the most popular creature in the world among kids, so if you’re not shopping for yourself, make sure you grab your kids unicorn costume for your little boy or girl. They might be Harry Potter fans, or maybe they just like magical creatures. Either way, there’s a unicorn outfit they’re sure to love here!

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Glitter, rainbows, and unicorns are a little girl’s dream, so check off at least one of those items from your list for her next party or Halloween costume. There are tons of unicorn looks for the little ones, even if they’re just babies. Toddler unicorn costumes are a plenty, so grab one while supplies last!

DIY Unicorn Costume Ideas

DIY No-Sew Unicorn Hoodie

Spreading the magic of a unicorn is as easy as pulling on a hoodie. But only if that hoodie is this DIY no-sew unicorn hoodie. By following the steps, you can transform anyone into a unicorn with only a few supplies and no sewing skills!

DIY Unicorn Horn Prosthetic

A unicorn without a horn is just a horse and there's nothing magical about that. Create your very own unicorn horn prosthetic to channel the magic of unicorns. With a little skin adhesive and some coverup, you'll look like a human unicorn!

DIY Daniel Tiger Trolley Wagon Upgrade

Since 2012, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood has been a fan favorite for kids and adults alike. Based on the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this animated children’s series is so much fun. If your little one is looking to take a trip to the neighborhood, they need to do it in style. Recreate this trolley for Halloween by following the steps in this Daniel Tiger wagon upgrade tutorial!

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