Undergarments help create the foundation you need for an incredible costume. These items are essential to achieving the full potential and effect of your look. Many of our women's costumes can be drastically improved with the addition of undergarments like petticoats. A petticoat is an underskirt that generally features ruffles and tulle in order to create a full, voluminous appearance of any garment worn over it. A lot of sexy and sultry women's costumes feature short skirts that are often pictured with petticoats that are not included in the package, so we carry petticoats in a variety of lengths and colors to help you achieve the look you want. Other outfits with short skirts may be a little too risque for your taste, and if that's the case our selection of hot pants and ruffled panties can help you be a little bit more modest.

Buy Costume Undergarments From Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Other undergarments like corsets and tutus can be used to create unique one-of-a-kind looks unlike anything that comes pre-packaged. We offer tutu skirts in every color of the rainbow to complete an existing costume or inspire your imagination. Bustle skirts, corsets, and garters combined with any of our sexy hosiery can be used to create a unique burlesque outfit for a performance or private show. Most of our undergarments also make great additions to your collection of sexy lingerie guaranteed to drive your guy wild.

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