Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly sweaters are all the rage this Christmas, and with good reason. What used to be unfashionable and itchy is now stylish, and being warm can't stop you from looking good. Whether you want to sport an ugly Christmas sweater that's decked like your halls or one that lets it snow, it's almost a lock that you'll be the best dressed at your holiday party! Red and green are definitely your colors this holiday season, and you can embrace it with an ugly Christmas sweater from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Ideas and Tips

Tis the season for laughs this Holiday thanks to our hilarious collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, here to help turn your seasonal celebration on its head. Featuring bold colors and garish designs, the Ugly Christmas Sweater has earned its place alongside the Santa Suit, Christmas tree and stocking stuffers as part of the holiday landscape that leaves us all with the fuzzy warm feeling inside. Who doesn’t think of these unforgettable sweaters when they think of the sort of corny parties that makes Christmas such a fun time of the year?

Designed to be toasty and snug, ugly Christmas sweaters are perfect for cold December weather, ensuring you’ll be snug while partying. Whether you need Women’s Sweaters, Light-Up versions, vest or even Naughty variants, we have something for anyone looking for that just perfect bit of Christmas wear to wow their friends and family with. We’ve even got Chanukah sweaters as part of a comprehensive collection that’s designed for almost any occasion where you’d want this festive apparel. Give them a real eyesore this year by picking up an Ugly Sweater that is sure to leave everyone feeling holiday cheer.

Types of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Womens Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Transform yourself into the host of this year’s Christmas festivities with one of our Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Featuring a diverse collection of sweaters, we have something for anyone ranging from the classy to the crude, ensuring you’ll be wearing apparel that’s a perfect fit for your party. Be a part of Santa’s North Pole team with items such as the Women’s Ugly Elf Christmas Sweater Dress or have a wild laugh at the expense of decorum with more outrageous sweaters.

Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters

 Feel free to let yourself go this year with our collection of goofy Mens Ugly Christmas Sweaters. All eyes will be on your colorful looking apparel thanks to this collection of funny look Christmas tops, each of which has been designed to mix wholesome holiday style with a sharp wit that will have your friends and family laughing all night long. Become a fruity sort of man with the Fruit Cake Christmas Sweater, or maybe try your hand at being Santa with the Men’s Santa Head Christmas Sweater. If you’re looking to make an even more significant impact, maybe try showing yourself off with the Fab-Yule-Ous Sweater for a bit of glam that will make this Christmas feel genuinely festive.

Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Try your hand at heating things up for the holidays with a funny spin on a sexy seasonal outfit and pick yourself up one of our Naughty Ugly Christmas Sweaters. These saucy outfits are just the thing you need to add a spicy little twist to the festivities this year while still sticking to a festive look that will have Jolly Old St. Nick rushing down that chimney. Show off your curves with outfits like the Adult Sweet Things Ugly Christmas Cardigan for a night of festivities will land you on Santa’s naughty list.

Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Illuminate the evening with a loud sweater that nobody will miss by picking up one of our Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Now you can steal the show from that pesky pine tree with the help of this dynamic light-up apparel that isn’t just an eyesore, it doubles as a flashlight too! Featuring Christmas décor such as Santa heads and candy canes, sweaters such as the Adult Everything Christmas Light Up and Adult Light Up Christmas Wreath Sweater will help ensure you’re the star of the evening, thanks to its glowing style.

Ugly Christmas Suits

Make an entrance at your office’s Christmas Party with a suit that will really wow your colleagues with its truly ugly and garish style. The Opposuits’ line of Ugly Christmas Suits features an exciting fusion between formal business attire and holiday family attire ensuring you’ll have a disarming look that still feels right at home in the office. We have a great variety of designs with some featuring a simple but effective Merry Christmas print, with snowflakes as seen in the Happy Holidude suit, while others feature a Reindeer themed design such as The Rudolph Mens Opposuit. 

Ugly Christmas Dresses

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’? Try out one of our Ugly Christmas Sweater Dresses as opposed to the pants-and-sweater look that you’re used to. Our dresses are just as festive and—of course—ugly as the rest of our selection, so consider trying something new this year!

Ugly Christmas Vests

Go for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest to add a bit of stylish flair to this outrageous look. Pick up one of our Ugly Christmas Sweater Vests, and get ready to party down with your friends and family wearing a piece of apparel that will make for an outstanding addition to the holiday décor. Featuring bright and festive patterns, you’ll be receiving plenty of compliments thanks to a dazzling and gawdy vest that will ensure you’ll be the star of the evening.

Ugly Chanukah Sweaters

Get in on the Ugly Sweater fun with our collection of Chanukah themed apparel, designed to let you show off your latest fashion in time for the party. Whether you’re picking up the Adult Chanukah Sweater or one for your child with the Boys Chanukah Sweater, you’ll love these blue looking designs—each of which features a prominent Menorah on display. We’ve even got a Christmas for Two sweater that makes for a great couple’s outfit which features a conjoined Christmas and Chanukah sweater for one hilarious getup that will definitely net the two of you some serious laughs.

Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Sometimes these designs can be too much for the person who is looking for an Ugly Christmas Sweater that’s back to basics. After all, what’s the point of a seasonal sweater if it features so much design that it cancels out the actual Christmas part? In that case, you had better take a look at some of our more traditional designs such as the Adult Ho Ho Ho Christmas Sweater or the Children’s Santa Christmas Sweater to make sure that you get the chance to get some really useful yet still simple holiday apparel.

Reindeer Makeup

Now that you’ve got an outfit in mind, why not put the finishing touches on it with the help of some effective Reindeer themed makeup. As a perfect flourish for the season, it would make for an excellent addition to matching outfits, such as the Adult Reindeer Christmas Sweater which features one of these adorable beasties on display or the more stylish Rudolph Men’s Opposuit. Thankfully, you won’t need an actual working bright red nose to shine the way when you’re wearing one of these Ugly Christmas Sweaters for your family and friend’s big holiday bash.

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