Tutus & Petticoats

A tutu isn't just another add on for your outfit. It's the starting point for an endless number of fabulous costume ideas! Whether you've already got a great costume picked out or you're looking for inspiration, our tutus for women and girls are exactly what you need. We carry tutus in a huge variety of colors and styles, so whether you're shopping for yourself or for your daughter, you'll find the perfect item for a memorable Halloween!

Costume Tutus & Petticoats - Ideas & Inspiration

Craft a Halloween look that will leave no doubt just who’s the prettiest in town this Halloween with the addition of a lovely and elegant tutu or petticoat. This apparel is a costume mainstay known for adding a welcome pop of color and visual break that accentuates the qualities of any costume as well as your own figure. We’re offering a diverse catalog for any and all needs whether straightforward or more specific.

A tutu can often be used to give a more simplistic costume a welcome visual punch through color and shape or give something a bit more elaborate an extra sense of detail. For example, a brown Chewbacca tutu generates the impression of a coat of fur while bypassing the need for an entire bodysuit that can run or be uncomfortable to the body in under certain conditions. Ballerina costumes another natural match for these graceful garments, while flame-like tutus can really get some pulses pounding when added to a sexy demonic look.

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