Transformers Costumes

There are many Halloween costumes at wholesale prices. These are authentic and have sizes to fit children as well as adults. Most of the costumes are from the movie, but there are some from the animated series too. As well as Transformers costumes, there are accessories to complete your Halloween outfit.

There is an abundance of Transformers costumes of Bumblebee. The child Transformers Bumblebee costume consists of a jumpsuit and a stylish mask. Next up is the Boys Classic Muscle Bumblebee costume from Transformers 3. Your child will look muscular as the suit is padded. The next level of this costume for boys is the Boys transformers Deluxe Bumblebee Costume which includes a chest piece and weapon. You can also get these for toddlers and adults as well. The most expensive costume available is of theatrical quality and is as close to the real thing that you can possibly get.

Transformers Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Appearances can be deceiving. You just never know if that Volkswagen Beetle is a regular old automobile or actually a world-saving robot that’s just made itself look like a Volkswagen Beetle as a way to blend in avoid detection from the Ford Escape down the street. Okay so maybe that’s not a real problem but in the world of Transformers, it’s an everyday reality. This long-running franchise showcases the battle between the heroic Autobots against the evil Decepticons over the fate of not just the world but the entire galaxy.

Featuring a collection of unique and visually distinctive characters Transformers has had numerous iterations throughout the years in regards to spin-offs, reboots and even live-action versions. Trying to find the right costume can be daunting but thankfully we have an extensive selection compiled for you to search through that you’ll find convenient and accessible for all of your Halloween needs. Now roll out!

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