Tracker Costumes

Tracker Costume 

Tracker is one of the more recent members of the Paw Patrol group. For the kids that love the outdoors and exploring, the Tracker costume is geared for them. Wholesale Halloween Costume offers great prices on Tracker costumes so get yours now!

Tracker Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Team up with the rest of the members of the Paw Patrol to make sure your child has an exciting Halloween adventure. They heard that your child loves Tracker, the team’s resident well… tracker, and have got an exciting collection of costumes showcasing their favorite character. These are officially licensed Paw Patrol outfits designed to feature an impressive amount of detail considering so many of the character’s looks have been heavily modified for human use.

Our Tracker costumes are no exception and just what you need to put a fun animated spin on the season that they’ll especially enjoy. Tracker’s one of the bravest most perceptive members of the team making it no wonder why your child thinks they’re so cool. Consider using our other Paw Patrol costumes to create an outfit theme for the entire family! Use your instincts and get your child a costume that will make them feel like they’re the latest member of this canine rescue group.

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