Tiana Costumes

Be a new kind of princess in a Tiana costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. This hardworking princess fits the hard worker in you, with a bunch of different costumes to please every personality. We also offer fast and easy shipping as well as stress-free online ordering to make your Halloween so joyous, you won’t have to turn anyone into a frog.

Tiana Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Embark on a Halloween adventure that will take you down the bayou with a selection of excellent costumes that feature a must-have collection of lovely outfits from the Disney animated classic Princess and the Frog.

This film features Tiana, a young chef trying to live out her dream of starting a new restaurant. She ends up being transformed into a frog when she is cursed by the spell of an evil voodoo witch doctor forcing her to find a way to reverse the terrible spell while also falling in love with Prince Naveen who has similarly been affected. This movie was a landmark milestone for Disney featuring a level of diversity that they had not previously reached and also providing young girls with a whole new Disney princess to admire. Since then she has made plenty of appearances alongside your fellow princesses making this a great character to cosplay as with a group of other young Disney heroines.

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