Greek/Roman Costumes

Are you looking for a fun, unique Halloween idea this year? Consider buying a Greek or Roman costume. There are a surprising amount of different varieties of togas and tabbards on our website. Greek or Roman Halloween costumes are made for men, women, girls and boys. They are also available in plus sizes. We can properly attire you in ancient garb befitting any occasion from Mount Olympus to the Coliseum.

Greek/Roman Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You will feel like a million bucks this Halloween when you dress up in our high quality Greek/Roman Costumes! Whether you are looking to dress up as a gorgeous Greek Goddess, wearing beautiful white dresses adorned with golden tassels and trim with wondrous headpieces, or are looking for something a bit more fierce and athletic like a warrior or gladiator get-up, we certainly have something for you this Halloween. The Greek and Roman era brings to mind two separate images.

The Greeks were people of philosophy, of art, of beauty and appreciation of human consciousness and the ideal human form. With our Greek costumes, you will often find natural togas and elegant dresses to reflect the wear of the times. When we think of the Romans, images of the conquest of the Roman Empire come to mind. Warriors, athletic figures, men clad in iron and steel! After all, it was in the Coliseum of Rome that the Romans held their massive gladiator battles where men would fight to the death against each other and beasts, leaving only the last one standing as the victor.

Whether you are looking for something more calm, peaceful, and beautiful like the Greek costumes, or are looking for something more battle-worn and burly like the Roman costumes, is entirely up to you. No matter what you choose, just know that all of our costumes are even better when accessories are added!

Scan through our many options of headdresses, golden jewelry, face make-up, and beautiful wigs for our Greek Goddess and Greek philosopher costumes. And then peruse through our many swords, axes, spears, and shields coming in all different styles, textures, and faux metal materials for our Roman Centurion get-ups. Buy either your Roman or Greek costume today, and go make this Halloween a night of history you'll never forget!

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