Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

You can bring a taste of the Nile, the Pyramids, and other ancient wonders right to your event with our Egyptian Costumes and accessories. Many adult and children's Egypt outfit designs feature the royal side of things. Women's ensembles often feature dresses and robes worn by queens like Nefertiti and Cleopatra. Men's designs either follow the stoic look of soldiers or regal pharaoh robes. Opt for a floor length gown for elegance or a shorter skirt for comfort. Most men's king and warrior robes feature a knee length cut that is typical for most ancient Egyptian styles.

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Ancient Egypt is a fascinating time in the world's history. Historians have spent years of research on the artifacts and stories from this distant time. The Egyptian pantheon of gods are fun designs to draw from along with kings and queens. Cleopatra and King Tut are two of the most famous rulers from that time and are therefore some of the most popular looks used for Halloween outfits. There are a few classic Egyptian accessories that are used to create that signature exotic look. Straight black wigs and braids are a popular pick for those impersonating the Queen of the Nile. Religious and mythological symbols are popular jewelry themes. Ankhs and asps are among the most common necklace and staff designs. You may also want to use spears, swords, and other ancient weapons to complete your soldier or pharaoh ensemble.

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