Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

You can bring a taste of the Nile, the Pyramids, and other ancient wonders right to your event with our Egyptian Costumes and accessories. Many adult and children's Egypt outfit designs feature the royal side of things. Women's ensembles often feature dresses and robes worn by queens like Nefertiti and Cleopatra. Men's designs either follow the stoic look of soldiers or regal pharaoh robes. Opt for a floor length gown for elegance or a shorter skirt for comfort. Most men's king and warrior robes feature a knee length cut that is typical for most ancient Egyptian styles.

Egyptian/Arabian Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Create an exotic experience for your friends to enjoy this Halloween through a finely crafted look whose origins are shrouded in darkness. All you know is that they come from the eastern lands, long renowned for their mysteries, mystical adventures, and intrigue. Now you can bring a piece of that home for a night of fun and games that has a distinctly unusual edge. Transport your fellow partygoers to ancient Egypt with a collection of royal costumes fit for a pharaoh.

This exciting wardrobe is designed for a position of power and will make you look like a divine ruler made flesh with its ornate symbols and flourishes. With associated wigs and accessories, this is a must-have for anyone who loves the beauty and fashion sense of the people who built the Pyramids. Go and head further east for costumes for exotic Arabia with desert gear and accessories that draw to mind the world of the Sultans and beautiful twilight nights under the Arabian moon.

Egyptian Queen Makeup Tutorial

Complete your Egyptian queen costume with a makeup look that's inspired by depictions of Cleopatra and other Egyptian women from history. Egyptian men and women were some of the first to wear makeup, so this tutorial is only fitting. Follow along with Caitlyn Kreklewich while she teaches you how to complete your Egyptian look with this Egyptian Queen Makeup Tutorial.

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