Colonial Costumes

Bring it back to the days where America was just a baby, this Halloween. Look through our Colonial costume section to find all the authentic styles and accessories any kid or adult would need to relive history. These outfits are perfect for any kind of reenactment, Thanksgiving play, or Halloween get up. We also have everything to complement the outfits, from the buckled shoes that will go on your feet to the white wig for your hair. Quit trying to keep up with the fast pace of the 2000s, and slow it down around the 1700s.

Colonial Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Make this Halloween a night of history when you pick up one of our awesome Colonial Costumes! With your purchase of one of these historical get-ups, you will receive everything you need to look and feel like you belong in a time period when the United States was yet to be a fully united country. When our country was split into colonies, life was a whole lot different.

After severing our ties with Great Britain, the colonies were still a little tramatized about the idea of united rule. It took a while for us all to unite into the magnificent country that we are today, but it was certainly worth it! This Halloween, celebrate your love for America's history when you get all spruced up in one of these excellent colonial get-ups. Head to the party while looking like you just came back from a day on the farm and you'll have everyone asking you questions about what it was like in the 1700's. Team up with some politicians and governors and talk politics all day long this Halloween!

If you really want to make this Halloween a special one, why not make it an American History costume theme with friends? When you enter the party with Native Americans, Pilgrims, Presidents, Military, and Politicians, you will feel like a history textbook has been brought to life!

If your child is a big history lover as well, then be sure to steer them in the direction of our awesome Colonial Costumes too. Whether your child is a teen, a toddler, or an infant, your little one will absolutely love dressing up as native colonial this year. Trick or treating will be a historical blast! Buy your costume today, and then check out our site for the rest of your colonial costume accessories!

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