Colonial Costumes

Bring it back to the days where America was just a baby, this Halloween. Look through our Colonial costume section to find all the authentic styles and accessories any kid or adult would need to relive history. These outfits are perfect for any kind of reenactment, Thanksgiving play, or Halloween get up. We also have everything to complement the outfits, from the buckled shoes that will go on your feet to the white wig for your hair. Quit trying to keep up with the fast pace of the 2000s, and slow it down around the 1700s.

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Jump in your horse and buggy, and don't let one of these great ideas go to waste. Aside from being a great throwback look, these designs are also very patriotic. Get a red, white, and blue top hat that Uncle Sam would be proud of, and show your love for the birth period of this nation. You won't let those Redcoats boss you around anymore. Put on a colonial or pilgrim dress up, and live your own life in a brand new world.

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It's butter churning and cow milking time this Halloween. This is the one spot stop for all men, women, and children, colonial themed attire. Whether you want to be a war general or a regular pilgrim citizen, there is something here for you.

So while you're at the war reenactment, marching to the beat of a drum, you'll know that you look the best you possibly can, because you got what you needed from this colonial theme section.

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